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HomeSqool is brought to you by the SqoolTechs Team, a group of educators, presenting their materials consisting of Diana Dell, Kevin McCarthy, and Vince Szewczyk.

Diana and Vince were formerly employed at a Missouri school district where Vince served as the district Technology Director for 8 years and Diana served as the district Instructional Technology Specialist for 3 years. Kevin, a technology consultant, worked with Vince for 3 years, one to two days a week assisting with whatever the needs of the moment happened to be.

During the 3 years Vince and Diana worked together, they discovered that their individual strengths and talents supported each others, and that their visions for the use of technology as an instructional tool were very much the same. Together they guided the revision of the district's Technology Plan, developed and delivered professional development opportunities, and wrote a Title II-D grants which received approval by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The district was immersed in the eMINTS program at the elementary level where 12 classrooms were implementing the eMINTS model of instruction. The Title II-D grant expanded the eMINTS program into the district's middle school. Together Vince and Diana spent countless hours both during the school day and after hours planning and working on these and other projects, yet through it all, they were able to laugh and have fun.

In the spring of 2007, Diana decided it was time to retire from public education and Vince was ready for a change. Together they started brainstorming how they could continue to work together to benefit the education of students and improve the quality of online instruction at the K-12 level. SqoolTechs, LLC was formed and the idea for HomeSqool soon followed. Vince and Diana quickly understood that Kevin's expertise in web technology was needed to make HomeSqool a reality and they persuaded Kevin to join the SqoolTechs Team.

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