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HomeSqool allows for easy virtual
classroom creation using existing content.

There is no need to reformat your existing content. For example, let's say that an instructor has created a unit on vertebrates. The unit consists of a PowerPoint presentation that introduces the different groups of vertebrates, a list of website addresses that provide information about each of the vertebrate groups, and a rubric, used to evaluate a cooperative project, that is a word processing document. The PowerPoint and rubric can be uploaded to the virtual classroom. The website addresses can be quickly added to your classroom as hyperlinks. The students will be able to view the PowerPoint and rubric by click on the links within the classroom. They will be able to visit the website and still be contained within the navigation system of your classroom.

HomeSqool supports a wide range of different resource types that allows you to include virtually any kind of digital content into your courses. Any electronic file, PowerPoint, word processing document, flash file, spreadsheet, etc. can be integrated in your virtual classroom by using the "add a resource" drop down menu.

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