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An opportunity for a FREE Virtual Classroom!
Application to be a Beta Tester

Who is eligible?
Any home school family. Please note that prior knowledge of Moodle or other virtual learning environments is not a requirement. Training materials and support will be provided to you as you learn to use the teacher-friendly tools available to you on

What is HomeSqool?
HomeSqool is an online service, brought to you by SqoolTechs, LLC, that provides instructional tools for the purpose of “Supporting Quality Online Opportunities for Learning”. Specifically, HomeSqool is a virtual learning environment that explains material, built on Moodle open source software, that allows home school instructors to create interactive websites to either support face-to-face instruction or to deliver instruction completely online. HomeSqool provides a wide variety of tools that support most instructional and learning management tasks.

Why are you providing a free virtual classroom?
HomeSqool is currently in Beta Phase. We are testing the best ways to deliver and service HomeSqool accounts. In addition, during the Beta phase we will be integrating instructional resources and other features that improve the functionality of the base software. We are currently seeking home school instructors to serve as beta testers. There are a limited number of beta testers needed.   In exchange for your participation as a beta tester, you will be provided with a HomeSqool account free of charge during the beta phase and for a period of one year following the close of the beta phase.

What does "Beta Phase" mean?
Beta is a stage in a software release life cycle. Stage one is alpha which focuses on planning and development.  Stage two is beta in which the software is being actively tested and debugged. Stage three is the stable phase in which all important bugs have been removed and the software works smoothly.

What are the responsibilities of beta testers?
Your responsibilities as a beta tester are to use the software for instructional purposes and report any issues or problems that you experience. You may be asked to periodically provide your opinion by completing an online survey.

When will I have access to my virtual classroom?
We will be making our selections within the next week. You will be notified by email if you are selected as a beta tester.  You will have access immediately upon notification of being selected as a beta tester.

Where will my virtual classroom be located?
Your virtual classroom will be hosted at

How do I apply to be a beta tester?
By completing the following application you are applying to serve as a beta tester:

Application to be a Beta Tester

If you have questions, please explore the information on or send an email to

Thanks for your interest in HomeSqool!

The SqoolTech Team

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